Since 1993 Dan has been building experience as a professional house painter as well as a general contractor and has
become an expert at educating customers on their specific needs. His integrity has proven to be a valuable asset in
building relationships with homeowners, contractors and workers. He encourages fine craftsmanship, punctuality and
honesty among his skilled employees.

Dan is committed to providing excellent service and a beautiful, durable paint job.


  1. A real person to answer the phone
  2. A free, punctual estimate scheduled within a reasonable period of time
  3. A detailed description and explanation of all the steps needed to complete your job
  4. An honest time table for job completion
  5. A referral for a color consultant (if needed)

  1. We clean your house thoroughly using bleach and tsp as needed to remove all dirt and mildew
  2. Trench soil-exposed areas to paint below the soil line
  3. Scrape loose, peeling paint
  4. Set loose nails
  5. Sand rough edges as needed
  6. Prime bare wood and metal
  7. Patch holes
  8. Caulk cracks in stucco and around windows and doors as needed
  9. Mask all windows, decks and patios prior to spraying
  10. Remove and replace hardware and fixtures as needed
  11. Tie back and cover plants and trees in areas to be sprayed
  12. Drop-sheet all areas to be sprayed
  13. Apply two coats premium quality paint to all surfaces
  14. Clean-up all masking materials and remove all waste
  15. Provide homeowner with well-marked touch-up paint

Quality & Value Guaranteed (Call for Details)

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